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The PPEJC Elder Abuse Forensic E-MDT consists of a group of professionals from diverse disciplines. They review elder abuse cases and address system problems. The goal is to overcome barriers and improve cooperation among diverse agencies in Colorado.

"You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”
                       —Abraham Lincoln

The E-MDT model for addressing elder abuse reflects a “one-stop-shop”. Any agency working through an elder abuse situation can refer a case to the E-MDT for review.

We collaborate with agencies and organizations that interface with or serve at-risk adults in the Pikes Peak Region and across the state including rural Colorado communities.

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Who is Served through the Elder Abuse Forensic E-MDT:

 At-risk adults in Colorado who are:

  • Suspected of or being victimized, mistreated, or exploited

  • Vulnerable to mistreatment and may need additional support or protection/intervention

If you are interested in learning more about the Elder Abuse Forensic MDT, please click on the “Contact Us” page to be directed to submit an email.
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