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Elder Shelter is a coordinated effort led by PPEJC to place adults who are 60 and over, or have a disability, in safe shelter while they are recovering from abuse or neglect. This effort started in 2016 through the work of the Pikes Peak Elder Abuse Coalition (PPEAC). PPEAC, and later PPEJC, joined the national consortium of Elder Shelters called the SPRiNG Alliance (Shelter Partners: Regional, National, Global).

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The Association for Community Living funded the study through the Weinberg Center in New York. Data from elder shelter programs around the country is being looked at for best practices in efforts to do better for
older adults at risk for abuse and neglect.

Through the SPRiNG Alliance the PPEJC Elder Shelter program recently participated in a national two-year grant study on elder shelter.

This includes individuals who are supported through Adult Protective Services and are experiencing abuse, or are at serious risk of abuse are eligible for shelter placement. Individuals remain in the shelter program until they are able to transition to their next home.

Our shelters for older adults are provided by a collaboration with long term care communities and a non-profit home-based program. Elder Shelter works with the community all stepping up to protect vulnerable adults.

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"Tomorrow can be a wonderful age.”
                       — Walt Disney
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